What you are viewing is computer based artwork that is simply referred to as digital art. It is produced on a Mac by using  objects and images input into the computer and made into a library of design components. Those objects and images have been gathered together and saved from over forty years of working in non ferrous metals as a bench jeweler, manufacture, and designer. With that residue of my efforts at the bench, I organize and thoughtfully coax elements of design together into one artwork. I don’t practice drawing ideas first. I prefer to flow with the spontaneity of the creative process as it presents it self. The technique that I follow is to treat creativity as a welcome friend. Entertaining it, being patient with it, never rushing it and traveling with it at its own speed. I use heavily manipulated forms and shapes to reach the resting point that I bring to each overall design. Many of the colors are super saturated and makeup a great deal of the beauty and its intensity of emotion. From that point on I try to be sensitive with the choice of color and crafting of small details. Finally, waiting until I sense there is quiet settling around the piece and then I know it is finished. Being sensitive to this, i bring out the characteristics of harmony and balance and unify each piece into a visually seductive end design that evokes a true presence and refreshing beauty for the viewer.

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